Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cinematic Scene Video Update

Finally some moving images are ready for showing. Everything is sort of done but still needs tweaking, polishing and obviously some bugfixing. But for now this is what I can show you.

The video is hosted on my team lead's YouTube channel. I guess the final product will be uploaded there as well.

Kind regards,
Pim Hendriks

ps. I'm currently delving into rigging and crosshatching (again). Expect more of that.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cinematic Scene Update 1.5

This is the last dump I'm going to post of the cinematic we're working on until it is completely finished. The final image will include rendering at a high resolution, compositing, post processing and of course music and sfx. For the latter we are working together with a German student. This is his SoundCloud.

As you can see our scene currently renders for 1 minute average per frame. This roughly translates to a little over a day of render time in total.

A closeup of Marty.
 Close up of the bartender
Overall shot.

Kind regards,

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cinematic Scene Update

As mentioned in this format before; a group of people (including me) are working on a cinematic that so far has been fairly fruitless since we were unable to show actual scenes with our characters, let alone animations and proper lighting. It's far from finished, but here are some wip renders incl. render times.

 Both characters included, no textures.
 Missing wall lamps. More props are being made.
 Marty having another drink.
(I feel the lighting behind the bar could be greener)

Kind regards,

Edit: I found some old drawings but I don't see them fit in another post, so I made an imgur album.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy belated holidays

I hope you had a nice Christmas and a happy year turn. I sure had.

Rounding up some projects, writing documents so little to no pictures, however, I've decided I'm going to pick up on drawing. Haven't been doing that enough.

Rose, A5, crosshatching

Kind regards,