Sunday, January 29, 2017

Substance Designer - Sunray Mosaïc

And another! Couldn't stay away from Designer this weekend. Jumped on it again yesterday and watched a couple tutorials for reference and inspiration. Turned out I wanted to a mosaic pattern and so I watched some stuff by this guy called Sharpstance on YouTube.

I spent quite some time figuring out how to set up circular and curved mosaic patterns without having them sloppily blend into each other. Then the curved carve out pattern in the concrete was pretty cool to see come together and the sun was good fun as well. I guess more fun than skill went into this graph. Oh right.. and setting up the various curved colors came to me in a dream and I'm not kidding.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Substance Designer - Concrete Ornament

I bought the Substance Indie Pack, on Steam, during the winter sales for a.. I think 50% discount? I'm not sure anymore. Spent some 20 hours in it since new years day... which reminds me.. Happy New Year!

So far I've not made anything noteworthy. Some tile-able stuff at work to get things going and testing out iRay renders at home.. but clearly not anything quantifiable. I got sick of only having some shitty tile pattern or test to show so I figured I'd just spend some time on getting a network done. Started it yesterday and finished it today with some inspirational input from a post.

I guess the most interesting stuff about this graph is how I've used the height map and fed it through a normal map to single out the channel responsible for the vertical relief to create a mask for my moss. Otherwise, it's a pretty regular graph. I'm a big fan of the crackling though.

You could also go to the ArtStation page; otherwise images below.

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