Friday, January 27, 2017

Substance Designer - Concrete Ornament

I bought the Substance Indie Pack, on Steam, during the winter sales for a.. I think 50% discount? I'm not sure anymore. Spent some 20 hours in it since new years day... which reminds me.. Happy New Year!

So far I've not made anything noteworthy. Some tile-able stuff at work to get things going and testing out iRay renders at home.. but clearly not anything quantifiable. I got sick of only having some shitty tile pattern or test to show so I figured I'd just spend some time on getting a network done. Started it yesterday and finished it today with some inspirational input from a post.

I guess the most interesting stuff about this graph is how I've used the height map and fed it through a normal map to single out the channel responsible for the vertical relief to create a mask for my moss. Otherwise, it's a pretty regular graph. I'm a big fan of the crackling though.

You could also go to the ArtStation page; otherwise images below.

Thanks for reading!

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