Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rebuilding corrupt meshes

Maya crashing left a few corrupted files which had to be rebuilt. I had spare parts lying around but no complete models. Spent yesterday on fixing those models

I figured it would be boring to look at the same models, so I changed them up and made a new one as well.

Remodeled the sink including new water taps, drainage and beer drainer (left).
 Spent the day working on this tap.
 Bling bling. (again shader is a throw away)
 Bottom of the tap.

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ps. I love viewport 2.0

Monday, November 26, 2012

Maya fatal error on startup (day2) [fixed]

Maya crashing on start up seems to be a problem caused by updating my ATI driver. Rolling back has no effect. Disabling the graphics unit or deleting it's drivers allows me to run Maya at a low resolution.

I added a Mel script to copy any errors provided by the script editor. This is what it gave me so far:

"addSelectTypeItem: (kFailure): Unexpected Internal Error"

I'm contemplating a recovery to factory defaults for this laptop.

Kind regards,


Edit: Problem seems fixed after removing all Autodesk software and all AMD drivers, plug-ins and programs and then installing everything from scratch again.

Edit2: Maya files made days before the crash all seem corrupt. Gotta go fast.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Maya fatal error on startup (day1)

Uninstalling and installing again does not to work.
Deleting 'documents\prefs' does not work
Removing 'Environment variables' does not work.
Uninstalling all Autodesk applications does not work.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Counter + Maya wood shader

Modeled this counter a while ago but I felt there was something not right. Went to a pub to figure out what. Divided the bar into 2 meshes and lowered the inside part. Now there is room for a tap, glasses and a sink. This is the result.


Played around with a procedural wood shader
 and changed the orientation of the directional lights.

Kind regards,

ps. specularity is still to high. Wood shader is a throw away right now.

Old stuff + portfolio

I figured I'd made a quick post with some of the stuff I made earlier and a small reference to my portfolio (which hasn't been updated in a small 2 years)

I didn't take any trouble of putting them in chronological order but I'll add some text to clarify.

This is a pencil drawing.
Small shader network in Unreal Development Kit. (UDK)
 Shader network applied in a school project. (UDK)
 Ornament for a world building project. (throw away)
  Simple building blocks for a run down cottage.
 Level design project based on Banjo & Kazooie principles.
 Another perspective.
 Yet another perspective.
Glass shaders for Maya Mental Ray. (throw away)
    Couch for a cinematic.
 Quick render of said couch.
Quick render of a sink for aforementioned cinematic.

The cinematic project is currently ongoing so I might upload more of that but for now, that was it.

Kind regards,

ps: forgot my portfolio (has been updated on April 14th 2013)

Let's start today


My name is Pim Hendriks and I am a 4th year Visual Art IGAD program student at the NHTV in Breda, The Netherlands. The school together with it's number of students is quite small, however don't be fooled, the course is brutal and will leave your social life shattered. But that's how most of us like it anyways.

I created this blog to keep track of my progress as an artist, receive feedback if any at all and maybe show off here and there. Above all I created this blog to keep track of my progress as a student; no matter how small.

I will use this format as an art dump so it'll be updated anytime I have something new to show.

Kind regards,

tl;dr wall of text followed by pictures