Thursday, November 22, 2012

Old stuff + portfolio

I figured I'd made a quick post with some of the stuff I made earlier and a small reference to my portfolio (which hasn't been updated in a small 2 years)

I didn't take any trouble of putting them in chronological order but I'll add some text to clarify.

This is a pencil drawing.
Small shader network in Unreal Development Kit. (UDK)
 Shader network applied in a school project. (UDK)
 Ornament for a world building project. (throw away)
  Simple building blocks for a run down cottage.
 Level design project based on Banjo & Kazooie principles.
 Another perspective.
 Yet another perspective.
Glass shaders for Maya Mental Ray. (throw away)
    Couch for a cinematic.
 Quick render of said couch.
Quick render of a sink for aforementioned cinematic.

The cinematic project is currently ongoing so I might upload more of that but for now, that was it.

Kind regards,

ps: forgot my portfolio (has been updated on April 14th 2013)

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