Sunday, August 4, 2013

Complex rig and animation

Past May I started building a complex rig for a warrior model provided by one of my teachers. I barely finished it before going to America and I forgot most of the important stuff when I returned to my work to start skinning the rig to the mesh.

Old image of a broken rig. It works pretty swell now.

I managed to pick up on rigging within a few days of watching tutorials by Digital Tutors and fixed several issues regarding the elasticity of the spine, shoulder-pads and jumpy transfob
rmations when switching between the IK and FK arm rigs. They're still not perfect but they work decently. The short legs did give me some trouble while animating but I figured if I just dropped the character's center of gravity it would do the trick just fine.

Several poses for a run animation.

Golden poses for the fight animation.
(I decided to do this traditional because I can't get proportions right with a mouse or tablet)


I didn't mention this earlier but I am also currently involved in a Star Wars mod for Mount & Blade. We're an international team of currently only 3 people; at the height of the project we were with 11. The mod itself has a 9.5 average rating over 1000+ submitted votes. The only downside to it is that the engine can't handle 10k+ polycounts, 512px+ texture sizes, custom built rigs or interesting shaders so it's really not very interesting to post images about it here.

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[edit] Updated this blog with some more stuff.

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