Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KeyShot and improving workflow

Spent a total of 10 hours today Zbrushing, Maya'ing, KeyShotting, Nuking and Photoshopping to improve my pipeline and increase the speed at which I go through this creative thought process to a quantifiable output. Like previously I avoided using tutorials except for times I couldn't find what I needed. Tomorrow I'll start reading up again and use that knowledge to improve on my pipeline again. I really like running into issues and solving them by simply using the programs logic and a little bit of brain matter. Makes it much more fun to learn new stuff than to take everything from tutorials.

Below are some screens of today's results.

Zbrush 4v6 viewport screensnap
Keyshot 4 render
NukeX 8.0 composite
After a little bit of Photoshop

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ps. I made this with a friend.

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