Monday, September 1, 2014

Houdini Great War Frontline v0.5

A little update again as the pressure is now getting to me. The deadline went from unclear to next Friday so I'm working hard to finish this tool. Oorah. In the past few days I managed to pull off the following things; each of which I will precede with an image. I also figured out I could tear off panels in Houdini and work on a dual monitor setup. Silly me.

In this instance I was in the process of duplicating the existing trench network and rotating it at it's core. Changing up group names wasn't an issue, though some weird exceptions appeared in a few of the operators. I have also yet to figure out how to make the funk-hole trenches procedural as an exception appears somewhere at the creation of the name spaces.

Here I have sweeped a short line across the trenches and combined the result with the funk-hole circles. The best result presents itself when I extrude the whole shape upward and combine the shapes with a boolean operation called 'cookie'. At this point the downside is, I have to apply this operation to each curve individually -so many different operations- as this cookie node doesn't operate on self-intersecting geometry. 

The non-procedural way of ray casting the trench into the terrain. It works fairly well, though somewhere along the line the smooth node's color selection tends to be too small and I get the same effect as a bad filter for when contrast is being added to an image. Both values on each end get pushed; just on the edge of each side a thin line of opposing values gets pushed into the wrong direction, exactly countering what you're trying to achieve.

The procedural way of ray casting the trench into the terrain, though you can see it brings it's own issues. The ray cast is very accurate and on it's own doesn't bring a whole lot of problems with it but when a facet-node is added to recompute the normals I get shading errors. Most likely these are caused by mesh errors. In the image below the shading errors are more apparent.

Clearly very ugly meshing errors. Not sure how I am going to fix this yet.

That was it again. Thanks for reading.

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