Sunday, January 17, 2016

Autumn to Winter in Ghent

edit: Seeing as I am getting more and more into photography I thought it would be a good idea to create a profile on 500xp; a sort of portfolio website. This is me.

Photographic update on life in Ghent and with that a written start of the search for a Minolta AF 135mm f2.8 (100mm is fine as well) and perhaps a better (affordable) all-round lens for my a-mount bajonet as the one I am using right now -although fine- is giving me poor results in low-light conditions. A tripod may be a better solution to this nuisance.

Anyway, I've shot the occasional panorama during my walks from work. Below are the two best ones. The camera on my phone performs (unsurprisingly) even more poorly in low-light conditions, so both panoramas are from quite a while ago.

6th of October at 6.26pm

9th of October at 6.17pm

The following pictures (not the ones in this blog), taken this weekend, have offered me the insight that my lens might need calibration or replacement soon. Many of the pictures suffered from the same type of blurriness that I was not able to adjust by manually focusing the ring.

Shoppingcenter Zuid (by Karlijn).

Miniature cyclists.

Sint-Simon en Sint-Judaskerk from the Gentbruggebrug.

River Schelde from the Gentbruggebrug.


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