Monday, November 18, 2013

A day's work

I'm still working on finishing up my final retakes. After that, hopefully, I'll be able to do my internship. I've sent out several application letters with my updates portfolio and art reel I made about a week ago. So far I've only received two replies of which one invited me over this week. Exciting!

Today was a regular Gamelab day so I worked on props because that is what the 'game' needs. I can't say much more about it but I guess I can show off a few quick ones. Used a hipster post processing effect and a little depth of field. Also, I realize I forgot the hammer for the gun. Will add next week!

I also re-uploaded my art reel as both Vimeo and YouTube seemed to have issues with the .mp4 h.264 codec. The issue was explained on one of the threads on the Vimeo forum. Whereas most formats are simply accepted and altered according to the YouTube and Vimeo processing system, anything using the h.264 codec is cut in both brightness and darkness directions. So if your videos covers a 0 to 255 white value the processing system will cut 16 values off of both ends and stretch the newly created graph to the maximum values. In other words, it washed out the whites and the blacks when it's fully processed. So I rendered it to a 22gb .avi with a YUV-60i index and it turned out way better than I expected. Hardly any color difference, no white balance issues, sharpness is up to par with the original video and the frame rate -although cut in half- is still quite acceptable.

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