Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Miniature Town VFX Compositing Breakdown

In the downtime between the final two phases of my education I've rounded up a final course and decided to start working on a compositing breakdown for the finished phase. Can't say I've spent much time getting it picture perfect, but alas; putting it out there anyways. Below is a Vimeo video. I like their layout much better than YouTube's layout for blog formats.

Secondly, since graduating has come into the picture there had been a necessity to figure something out for that as well. I was carrying a fairly solid idea around for quite a while and contacted a few ex-colleagues at Grid-VFX about it. However, after discussing the subject with a lecturer at my education, the idea was quickly dropped. The scope, for a single person project, was far too ambitious and the market too saturated for this type of work. I'd like to spill the beans, but it's still something I'd like to work on. Just not for my graduation project.

Then a colleague student and good friend suggested we could try and combine our graduation projects as he found himself at the same crossroads. This, of course, is very risky business, but would undoubtedly enable us to create something much more impressive. A safe gamble was put on a cinematic 'space scene' short focused around a comet in a sort of perpetual motion. Unfortunately the "cinematic short market" is so incredibly saturated with these type of videos, even the notion of it was quickly disapproved by our supervisor. Although we were unpleasantly surprised by this response, we had to acknowledge the fact that it was true. A link to an animated storyboard is found below.

As for the future of this blog in relation to updates regarding this graduation of ours, I'll have to discuss whether or not my companion is okay with me writing monthly updates. It's safe to say that since that moment the creative juices have been flowing.

In the meantime I've spent some time learning this software package called Agisoft Photoscan. It can generate dense points clouds using a process called photogrammetry. It's really awesome. Below are some quick results. The results are especially great for measurements.

Living room chair

Garden pots and junk

Basement full circular capture pt. 1

Basement full circular capture pt. 2

In any case, thanks for reading,

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