Monday, July 20, 2015

Game Design graduate & Look Development at Grid-VFX

It's been quite a while since I've blogged about anything. This is partly due to the fact that my graduation was a brutal period but also because my colleague (Niek van Gorp) and I made a deal not to post anything related to our graduation online. This was motivated by the fact that we set up a really ambitious project and didn't want to spoil anything.

So first a quick heads up of the last couple of months. I started my graduation, finished my final retake, got my driving license, graduated from IGAD, celebrated my birthday (24 aye), moved back to Ghent, took up some freelance work and applied at Grid-VFX for a spot in their Look Development team and was accepted! I'm a week in now and although Mari is a tough cracker, I'm having a lot of fun. Cool beans!

To fill the downtime I got in contact with a small studio in Nuenen, near Eindhoven, called SoMMedia and made some models for them. Hopefully they'll be of use in their production. For me it was good practice as I hadn't modeled in some time.

As for my graduation, this was accompanied by a presentation, or oral defense as the institution likes to call it. I'd rather call it more like a semi-professional assessment of "what-went-right-and-what-went-wrong".

Right now I'm settling into the working life, doing 9 to 6 everyday, groceries in the weekend, DIYing during the evenings, studying and partying during the time that is left (none). My girlfriend set up a small garden project so now we're growing broccoli, tomatoes and bunch of herbs in an old euro pallet. I guess all I do is eat them with eggs for breakfast.

And we saw that new Disney movie the other day, Inside Out. Awesome stuff! The subject matter is very relatable and incredibly polished. The intro is so wonderfully choreographed while the rest of the movie lets you focus on the story, which was actually quite deep. To my amazement, at the end of the film, much of the theater was whimpering and squalling. It was terrific!

Off to sleep now, tomorrow (a day off) a long day of Dungeons and Dragons. I'm terrified.

Kind regards,

ps. I noticed this blog post was featured on Walvin Media Daily News so here's an infinite loop. In case you're actually coming from there, please go here to read some actual blogging instead. I'm sure you're not actually interested in reading this 'life'-update.

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