Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lightrig v1.0, Mari 3v0 and Substance Designer

It's been a little while since I've updated this blog and not because of lack of attention to my hobbies. I've been quite busy at work and personal life took over for the past 8 months. Time flies when you're having fun or something like that. It's worth noting that, since my last blogpost, I've had a small 'revelation'; purchased Mari 3 and subscribed to a couple of personal learning editions of various types of software. I hate the limitations, but whatcha gonna do.

To start things off I built a little light rig using HDR images from HDRlabs. They've got a very nice library with images pretty much in the same value range. There were some inconsistencies between the ones I took, so I comped them in Fusion to get similar value ranges. I also resized the bigger ones down to 2k images because I don't think I'll need any bigger, Below are a couple of renders. I tried going for a wide variety of lighting conditions and reflective detail. Satisfied with the current results but I'm calling this v1.0.

I've also taken a violin from Turbosquid here to start texturing and get my game on at home, since personal studying has been on a low burner lately. The violin itself was exported directly from Zbrush so it's hardly clean but has an 'acceptable' topology. The UVs were okay, but since I will be the guy who's texturing it, I figured it'd be good practice to just do the UVs from scratch. Took me little over an hour but I think I can work with the results. I'm planning to do much of the detailing in Maya instead of Mari so I can shave off some texturing work. Below is the violin and rig behaving as intended. I could show you the UVs, but nothing is quite so boring as looking at UVs.

Then, a little over a week ago I jumped on the Substance bandwagon and created an account at Allegorithmic to try out their software. I haven't bought their software yet, but it's so much fun I'm definitely considering it. Maybe during the next Steam sale... I've done the absolute first tutorial on their youtube page. Afterwards I went a little deeper and came accross a guy called CynicatPro who had a 4-part tutorial on making a simple tile pattern. Below is the result of that, including a link to my Artstation account which I really just solely made for the purpose of stalking my idols.

That's it for now. Probably will update within now and 6 months.

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ps. I've also updated my portfolio website, but since there's so little on there that I am actually happy with, I feel like I should just have it link to my Artstation page. Not sure yet what I'll do.

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