Friday, October 7, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Corruption

So yesterday I was (finally) confronted with the Windows 10 Anniversary update and figured I didn't have much of a choice so gave the installation a whirl. It rounded up nicely and I went to sleep. Then, when I came home from work my machine didn't boot. Ran as far as the BIOS, but I wasn't able to enter it and it sure as sh*t didn't boot all the way through. This almost makes me a yearly victim of Microsoft updates.

So now, after a couple hours of troubleshooting I think I can come to the conclusion that my windows OS has somehow corrupted during the Anniversary installation. Yesterday night it was fine and now it doesn't do anything. At first I was afraid my SSD was dead; then my suspicions lead me to believe it may be my SATA hub or mobo were dead, but that wasn't the case fortunately!

I have a windows 7 install as a backup to check for these sorts of things, so when I tried installing it on a HDD, everything went fine and I was able to conclude that the problem was with the SSD. So I tested that, with a SATA docking station I had lying around. Turns out the SSD is fine too and even the windows install looked fine... apart from the fact that it doesn't boot... which defeats the purpose of having a fine looking windows install.

To fix the whole thing I figured I'd just delete everything on the drive and start from scratch seeing as it's an SSD. Hopefully it was just a corruption and not a drive wide failure. We'll see. Safe to say I won't be working on my project tonight.

edit: Succes! I got Windows 10 working again so I should be set somewhere tomorrow. Right now I'm working on getting everything installed and tomorrow I'll make it workable again.

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